Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Saturday, Gang!

Sorry that I've been neglecting to update this blog. All is GROOVY. Dom's healthy.... got the OK on Tuesday's doctor visit that we can start going to matinees, walk around the mall and he can hang out without his mask on.... just being careful. His appetite is back, as are most of his tastebuds. No hair yet....

Still no overnighters without him. She's afraid that he might pass out or start bleeding from all of the Coumadin. So, Chris came over to spend the night with him on Thursday. I headed to Poplarville, loved on my kitties, then Wendy came over to spend the night. Had a fun little pajama party, drank martinis and caught up with each other. Very pleasant!

Today, Dom is taking the car over to Dennis' house to check out the status of his '46 Ford "gasser". That's been Dennis' main focus for months.... boy stuff..... I'll be hanging out at the pool.

Had a pretty neat Saturday last week. Lovely Linda came over to play in the pool for awhile. We decided to go see a 3:30 movie. As we had time to kill, we went into a nearby Daiquiri joint. while sipping on a drink, some broad came barreling into the parking lot, slamming into a vehicle. The broad had been eating downs, and could barely walk. Then the fun began.... the entire bar walked outside, drinks and beers in hand and watched the poor broad try to pass sobriety tests.

Several cops pulled in.... they'd found a prescription bottle of SOMA (???) in the car...that wasn't hers.

Wouldn't you know it..... one of the cops had us blocked in. Didn't want to ask him to move with booze breath, so skipped the movie and enjoyed "the show". Meanwhile another cop came in an unmarked car with a kid in the back.... he was as high as she was.... not connected, though. A paddy wagon pulled up and they were poured into the back. Unreal. You don't see shit like this in stupid Poplarville!!!!

So, all is well in Metairie. Dom and I are planning on a movie on Monday.... Maybe the latest "Final Destination" We don't have a doctor appointment until Thursday. Glorious!

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