Monday, September 14, 2009

A Fun Labor Day and a Busy Week....All is Well

Hi gang-

Firstly, let me say that our patient is doing well. He's been walking to pick up a newspaper...1/2 mile round trip. It takes alot out of him, but he's getting stronger day by day.

We had a super busy week.

MONDAY Labor Day: We were invited to a party....about 2 miles away from the apartment. I was tickled to meet the folks who I've known on the internet for many years! The party was in Old Metairie.... at Mr. Lake's home. Gorgeous place, delightful people. We only stayed for an hour, but it was great to meet the gang and get Dom out of the house for a little while. Had 2 beers and nibbled on cracklins from Lafayette. Yummy!

TUESDAY: I've got a new buddy at our pool.... Carmella. We went to the Crescent City Farmer's Market uptown, then did some serious shopping on Magazine Street. Bought four pairs of shoes, (this from a broad who "doesn't get into shoes") and a kick ass beach bag....loud shiny silver.... found a pair of sandals to match. Afterwards, we had lunch at an Indian joint, NIRVANA. Good stuff.

WEDNESDAY: We went to Elmwood to see an afternoon showing of "The Final Destination". This is the 4th in the series.... by far, the bloodiest and most fun! They had it also showing in 3-D, but we opted for the regular show. Afterwards, we went to Oscar's for an Oscarletta. Had plenty to take home.

THURSDAY: Headed to Poplarville to check on my kitties. They're doing well, but miss me terribly. Then drove to Slidell to visit Dom's ma. Then home to Metairie. Alot of driving....quite the drag. This week Dom wants to spend the night on Friday. This means that Nanette will have to vacuum, dust, sanitize, etc. She's not looking forward to it. She misses the times that she'd spend the night there by herself..... smoking cigs, drinking beer and watching DVRd episodes of my guilty pleasures! (Weeds, True Blood, The Office, Entourage).

FRIDAY: I followed Carmella to her beauty shop and had my hair cut and colored. Finally. Long, long overdue. She did a wonderful job.... we're both enjoying our new friendship.

SATURDAY: Bored out of my mind. Rain, rain, rain. Best LA friend, "Lovely Linda" headed up North with the love of her life. I miss her already.

SUNDAY: Watched football.

It has been raining almost everyday for a week. I'm growing quite weary of the clouds and rain. Haven't been in the pool for a week. What tan I had is quickly disappearing. With any luck, I'll get a chance to soak up some sun this afternoon. Dom could really use some sun, too. He looks like he has prison pallor. Looking out the window as I type this.... skies have suddenly turned black. *sighing*

We have a Thursday afternoon appointment with Dr. Safah. Looking forward to another good report from her!

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