Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bitchin' Cold at the Beach Last Week- But Big Fun!

Hello gang-

Just a quick update before I head to Cincinnati tomorrow for the holidays.  Looking forward to spending time with my brother, nieces, their husbands and kids.... 4 of 'em under the age of 5.  Dom will be driving up next week.... he wants to have a quick escape route (car) in case the kids get too wild!  LOL

Meanwhile, friends from Louisiana are going to move in for a couple weeks to take care of my kitties and have Christmas in the country.  Good deal!

We headed to PCB on Saturday.  Did a little shopping at Pier Park 
Then enjoyed lunch at Tootsie's. 

Once again, you could have shot a cannon down Front Beach Road.  The town is deserted... extremely windy and very cold... Dipped down to 23 degrees.  Brrrrrrrrr.  And the biggest waves that I've seen.  Very rough seas.

Had a fun visit with our favorite bartender, Donn.  Also got to finally meet his wife Linda... lovely gal.  Donn turned me onto my new favorite...  Godiva chocolate/raspberry Vodka.  OH MY GAWD.  What a fun martini!  And a heck of alot less calories than what I used to make.... Vodka, Godiva White Chocolate and Chambord. 

Sunday was non-stop fun.  Walked over to our sports bar, "Benchwarmer's" and snagged a great seat for our Saints game. Ate some hot wings, drank some draft beer and had fun with 4 other New Orleans fans.  Who Dat, baby!

Stopped at our joint on the way home for a martini.... DONN-  you've created a monster!!!!

Basically just hung around the condo all day on Monday.  Walked across the street to visit himself... He loaded up Dom with a bunch of neat stuff for our bar, and packed up a set of 6 martini glasses for the condo.  At that point, I felt obligated to have a martini.  Hee Hee!

Came home on Tuesday morning.... did some packing, some running around, and now ready to head North.

Wishing all of you a WONDERFUL Christmas!

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Sandy said...

We used to joke when I lived on board a sailboat in Florida that if this was Florida (29 degrees) then we were heading south.
Well, I was in Florida for that last cold snap and now I have headed south - believe me it was worth it! I like getting up and walking around in bare feet again....
Have a great holiday in Sin-Sin-aty and maybe by the time you get back to the ocean it will have calmed down and warmed up some.