Friday, February 11, 2011

Feb Numbers and a Minor Freak-Out

Hi gang-

We went into NOLA for Dom's monthly infusion of Zometa yesterday.  As usual, they did a CBC when we got there.  The numbers were all in the normal range, other than his HCT.... as per usual, a little low.

I pulled out his numbers from past months this afternoon.  Even though numbers were "normal", they were all DOWN from last month.  Freak Out Time.

Called Tulane and spoke to our Post Transplant Nurse, Colleen.... who's a doll.  She pulled up his numbers from yesterday and told me that all was well.  Everyone's CBC changes from month to month.  Plus, he had an upper respiratory infection a month ago.  That would have messed with his bone marrow. 

She assured me that there was nothing from yesterday that would have given her an "uh oh" moment.  She then went on to tell me that these numbers are nothing more than a guide.  Dom looks great, feels good, and that's what matters.  Colleen said that an individual can have "great numbers" and still feel like shit.

Sooooo..... that being said, here they are:

HCT:   34.0
WBC:   4.9
ANC:   2800

His INR is still all over the place.  So, he needs to have it checked locally every week until it gets under control.  It was too thin yesterday, so they cut him down to 3 mg of Coumadin per day.  (from 4mg).

That's it with medical stuff.  Other than that, nothing exciting going on here-  Have a great weekend!

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Susie Hemingway said...

Of course I am not a nurse but having studied CBC's for the past 5years these look fine and we would have been thrilled at any point during these years to have had such 'good looking' counts. Best wishes as always to you both. Keep up the great work.