Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last Week at PCB

We had a great time.  The water was crystal clear, but bitchin' cold.  I don't know HOW people were swimming.  I'll be in there next month, but this was TOO cold.

We laid on the beach a couple of hours a day, cleaned up, then strolled across the street for a couple of beers with Donn and Tina.  I grilled up Reuben sandwiches on St. Patrick's day for the 4 of us.

For the most part, we were pretty mellow.  It was nice and relaxing. Ate alot at home.  Did manage to go to Dee's Hangout for dinner a couple of nights.  Overflowing shrimp po boys that were to die for.  Sloppy roast beef po boy was a delight.  Dollar pints of draft.  Heavenly.... and just a short stroll from the condo.  And Coyote Ugly is still next door!

Made a couple of new friends from Oklahoma.  Cassidy and Bree.  Both of 'em as cute as a button.  We're now facebook buddies, and hope to see them again this summer.  Now, if I could only get the little bitches to quit calling me "NANNA".   *grinning*

Uploading a bunch of pictures, but sadly not of our gals...

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Sandy said...

Awesome beach shots and truly lovely ones of you and Dom... good to hear you are both doing well!