Thursday, April 28, 2011

Holy Week at the Beach- Heavenly!

Dom and Donn

Coyote Ugly

Oysters and Buck Pint Beers at Dee's Hangout

THESE are Po-Boys at Dee's!

 On Palm Sunday, we took a quick 3 hour drive to Pensacola and spent the day/night with Joe and Ping.  Ping was going to cook us a "late lunch" so we could go out and have a few beers.  OMG.  Their kitchen table is about 4'x6'....she covered it with food!

She had ginger/pork stuffed jalapenos, soup, a huge bowl of noodles with veggies, stir fried mushrooms and carrots, a huge seasoned pork roast and a bowl of seasoned chicken legs.  I was especially blown away by her mushrooms...she had them sliced in strips.... they looked and had the texture of bamboo shoots.  When I asked her what kind they were, she reached into the fridge and pulled out a mushroom stem the size of a beer can!  Wow!

After that, we caught up with Joes' sister, Sherri and her husband, Bill.... hit a few local bars.  Had a great time! 

Got an early start on Monday-  a quick 2 hour drive and we were at our condo.  Plenty of people in the water, but still too cold for me.

Spent alot of time with Donn and Tina across the street.  Don continues to stock our condo with goodies.  How I adore that man!

Ate out a couple of times-  Los Rancheros for great fajitas and our new favorite joint next to Coyote Ugly...  "Dee's Hangout".  He's got the BEST po-boys around.  I even asked him if he was a New Orleans boy.  Nope.... but you'd never know it from his food.

Made friends with a PCB butcher who gave me a WONDERFUL price for a 10 pound standing rib roast for Easter Sunday.    Picked that up on the way home on Good Friday.

We had a grand time, as per usual!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time and I got to find out what a po-boy is - after googling it! :D