Monday, October 24, 2011

My LIPID PANEL came back..... "GREAT" !!!!

Hey gang....

Got a great phone call a little while ago.  My latest blood work was EXCELLENT!

Total Cholesterol:  248   (not too hot)  but......

HDL (Good Cholesterol):  152  "Great"  (optimal HDL more than 60)

LDL (Bad Cholesterol):  81  "Great"  (optimal LDL less than 100)

Triglycerides:  73 "WOWIE ZOWIE!"  (optimal Triglycerides less than 150)
That's down from a whopping 331 a few months ago!

I am absolutely giddy, guys!
The nurse said, "Wow... you really HAVE been busting your ass, Nan!"   

So, the 3 months of not smoking, walking 1.5 miles 5 days a week, working out at the condo, and going heavy on the Omega 3 through diet and fish oil worked!

I'm going to celebrate tonite with a BIG ASS CHEESEBURGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (no bun!)

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Sandy said...

Good on yer, girlfriend! I haven't had a screening like that in years, but just by walking every day I have kept my BP at 130/72 and my weight down and of course living where a big-assed burger is hard to get helps! Enjoy it for me as well!