Friday, March 2, 2012

We're Ready to Garden

Dom decided to build some new raised garden beds.  They measure 4x8 feet.... 1 foot deep.  The back two will have chicken-wire trellises for our snow peas and pole beans.

It was alot of back breaking work, but we're all finished.

We'll be doing tomatoes, cukes, banana peppers, jalapenos and bell peppers.  (this is our last try with bell peppers.... they're always too small)

I planted some radishes, lettuce and spinach in buckets.  Also have another 5 buckets ready for Cherry and Grape tomatoes.

We're going to start planting the raised beds and small tomatoes in early April.  We're proud of our work.  Wish us luck!


Sandy said...

I do wish you luck and more than that, a harvest worth crowing about!! Impressive construction... is Dom available for a trip to Colombia to help me do one down there? You could come along as a supervisor.... hugs!

Dom and Nan said...

Oh, Sandy! Wouldn't that be great fun? xoxo