Thursday, May 17, 2012

No Bisphosphonate Superior to Another in Multiple Myeloma

This updated review concludes that zoledronate (Zometa) appears to be superior to both etidronate (Didronel) and placebo. However, it was not superior to pamidronate (Aredia) or clodronate (Bonefos) for improving overall survival or any other outcome, such as vertebral and nonvertebral fractures.


We were SO HAPPY when they switched Dominic from Aredia to Zometa.  Infusions went from a couple of hours down to about 15 minutes.  Plus, the Aredia left him laying in bed the next day for about the 1st 6 months.

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Carole Leigh said...

I have been on monthly Zometa infusions for nearly two years and I have never had any ill effects from this drug. I hope it's doing its job and protecting me from myeloma damage. So far, I have had no bone issues.