Thursday, February 7, 2013


Robin Roberts is returning to "Good Morning America" after a 5-month leave so she could recover from her bone marrow transplant.

Robin has been battling a rare blood disorder -- myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) -- and has been struggling with the symptoms for a year.

She recently passed the 100-day mark -- an important milestone for bone marrow transplant recipients -- and has been easing her way back into action by showing up at the GMA studio to see how her skin would react to the lights and how she would react to the stress.

Sources close to Robin told us several weeks ago ... she would not be returning until May at the earliest, but apparently her doctors felt her progress exceeded expectations.

ABC now says it's all systems go ... and, by the way, side benefit for ABC -- it's all happening smack in the middle of sweeps.


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Lovey said...

I think she's making a big mistake returning this soon, and am very surprised her doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering gave their OK. An Allo Transplant is is a huge deal.