Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Fun Week With Pal Sheila

Just got back from the beach the other day.  Had a delightful time.

My great high school pal, Sheila flew down for a week.  We hadn't seen each other for 30+ years.  You'd never know it.  We didn't skip a beat.  You'd have thought that we were still teenagers!

We had a BUSY, busy week.  Perfect weather-  Not a drop of rain while she visited.  We beached it every day, hit Happy Hour across the street, then ate out each night...

*Dee's Hangout
*Los Rancheros
*Firefly TWICE
*Montego Bay
*Rockit Lanes sports pub
*Carrabas with Jamison, Lauren and Keith.

Our Lauren and Keith came over to spend the night.  Had great fun on the beach, as normal.

We had a grand time and are planning her next visit!

The Liq

Dee's Hangout

Chef Dee at The Liq

Dee's Hangout

Los Rancheros

My Edguardo



Manager Eric at Firefly



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