Friday, March 6, 2009

Prior to his Return Home

This house needs to be STERILE before he comes home. ALL of the carpeting steam cleaned, as well as upholstered furniture. Kitchen sterilized. Bathrooms sterilized. Walls scrubbed down. Floors mopped and total dusting once per week. Bed sheets changed at least once per week. Antibiotic covers on bed sheets and pillows. No animals inside.

I have no idea how to move furniture (heavy stuff..... sofa, tv, beds, dressers, etc) for the cleaning. Closets will have to be cleaned. (they're big shit magnets of 20 years of clutter).

Curtains taken down a washed. Blinds scrubbed. Windows cleaned. Window ledges, baseboards

After we remove everything from closets, under beds, etc., I'm going to have to hire a cleaning crew to get in here.... and probably some furniture movers to shift shit around for steam-cleaning.

I'm overwhelmed. I just had a good cry.

(He will have no immune system when he gets out of the hospital.... anywhere from 3-6 months until the stem cells start creating white blood cells.)

I thought that the perfect solution would be to rent a brand new apartment in Metairie or New Orleans for 6 months. (After he's released, he'll have to return to New Orleans for bloodwork anywhere from 1-3 times per week.)

I would like to hire a crew to steam clean and sanitize, then move in with just the bare necessities. Bed, couch, tv, etc. Then, as he gains back his white blood cells, we can move back "home" to a clean house. (big difference between being "clean" and being "sanitized and disinfected.... from what I'm reading, this house should look like a hotel room when we're finished...not a home)

Dom won't even consider it. This hit me like a ton of bricks. We've lived in this house for 20+ years. We've accumulated alot of "STUFF" that has to GO.

I'm freaking out at this point. Dom is in bed for the day after having his Aredia transfusion yesterday. I know that he thinks I'm overreacting. He suggested duct-taping the closet doors, rather than cleaning the closets out. Doesn't seem to matter that it's a life/death thing when he gets home. I'm not only overwhelmed, but I'm pissed off.

I'm going to go take a walk.


Kristin said...

Great updates. I am so glad to hear about all the progress Christine's dad is making!!! He is a trooper and is lucky to have someone like you! Good luck with the house decisions. Oh and the kitten is toooooo cute. :) I hope you can keep her.
Kristin (Christine's friend)

Jennifer said...

My stomach is in knots for you. I really think the apartment idea is a good one. Gosh how I wish I was able to come help you. Please call me to scream or cry if you ever want to. I love, love, love you.