Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Termites and Tulane Accounts Receivable Dept.

They work hard for their money! (HEY- that takes me back to Disco Days and Donna Summer strutting her stuff!).

Anyway, we've got a couple termite control guys here. They're digging a trench around the house, and then drilling holes through any cement around the house.... every 12 inches.

They've been at it for a couple of hours. Hopefully, money well spent.
Speaking of "money well spent"......

Dom paid the latest Tulane bill on the 3rd of March. Yesterday, he got a duplicate bill....figures they crossed paths in the mail.

When he called Tulane to inquire, he got a recording saying that "they no longer handle that account". Something tells me that they've turned us over to a collection agency. For TWO HUNDRED BUCKS. What the fuck?
Yeah, we're rolling right along here. *laughing*

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