Friday, January 8, 2010

Dom Update..... and It's Good to be Home!!

Hi gang-

I flew back to NOLA on Monday afternoon. Returned back to MS after dark. We did nothing much but unpack apartment boxes on Tuesday and Wednesday. My house STILL looks like a shit magnet.... apartment stuff all over the place. Unreal. Might need a bigger home!

Woke up and hit the road yesterday before dawn. Got to Tulane for 7:30 am.

At 8:30, the Nuclear department gave Dom a pill that was encased in 2 locked tubes...needed a combination to open it for him. Turns out it was a "radiation" pill. Told him to come back for tests in 4 hours.

Meanwhile, we had an appointment with Dr. Safah. She's pleased with his numbers. Still tweaking his coumadin intake. Her only concern right now is his Thyroid. (Thyroid Specialist is the one who ordered this nuclear test).

I asked her when we could finally find out IF HE WAS IN REMISSION.... not for another 2 months. She wants 3 months of Thalidomide treatment before testing again. *sighing*

Then, we went to the Infusion center for a 15 minute drip of ZOMETA. (same drug classification as the 2 hour drip he used to take.... "Aredia"... these drugs are similar to women's Boniva, but about a zillion times stronger to fight off lesions/tumors in the bone).

Then back to Nuclear department for some type of scan. As I wasn't in the room drilling them, I'm not certain just what it was. Dom said that it was similar to an MRI, but they concentrated on his neck/thyroid.

Spent the night in Metairie at Chris' house. Got a couple of pizzas, had a few beers and watched my Tide Roll all over Texas!

Back to Tulane this morning for another visit to the Nuclear department. They did a quick reading and sent us home. We have to go to the Thyroid doctor on Tuesday. (Metairie). Looking forward to doing not much of anything else until then. We're tired. Doctors and Hospitals sure can get tiring!

Happy Friday gang... have a great weekend.

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