Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Patient is doing very well..... Thyroid is OK

Hi gang...

Thought I'd give you a Dominic update. He's feeling "pretty good". Best he's felt since the Stem Cell Transplant. He's eating well and finally gaining some weight. (Dr. Safah gave him permission to load up on junk food.... he's become an ice-cream monster in recent weeks)

He hasn't had a dizzy spell or a weak-spell for a couple of weeks. This is a "first". Stomach is still not good, though.

We fried some chicken wings last night. No Buffalo sauce, just fried wings. He was up until after 3 am. His tummy can't handle grease..... YET.

Carbonated beverages taste horrible to him. No beer, but has been sipping and enjoying an occasional Bloody Mary made with ZING ZANG.

Slowly but surely he's returning back to normal..... which is a delight to watch!
Met with the Thyroid specialist a couple of weeks ago. False alarm. His numbers are goofy, but the doctor is blaming the total body radiation, chemo, Thalidomide, etc. Cut him loose and told him not to worry about it. We were quite relieved, as we were dreading yet ANOTHER doctor and MORE meds. It gets quite overwhelming at times.
Still having to go to Tulane each week for blood work. (Testing Coumadin levels). Heading in on Thursday for his infusion. Now that he's on a 15 minute drip (rather than 2 hours), they want him in every 3 weeks. Next Thursday will be our monthly Dr. Safah appointment.
So.... all is well with our world. Dom's getting stronger and stronger. We're happy!


Anonymous said...

Hell my stomach can't handle grease. Tell that man to eat a peanut butter sandwich. :D


Anonymous said...

Where are you?
How are you doing?
How is Dom doing?
You've been active on CC lately, but you've not said "hi" to us here on your own blog for 16 days.