Friday, May 14, 2010

A Good Week- Gardens and Good Health. (And a Stupid Oil Spill)

Hello gang.

Not much to report. Nothing exciting, anyway.

Garden is looking great. Picking Snow Peas like crazy! Pole beans are starting to produce and have flowers on the tomatoes and cukes. Yippee.

I finally got to a Rheumatologist last Thursday. I'd been blowing it off because of Dom's illness. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis a few years ago. Had seen a couple of different specialists. Apparently, it's in my blood but not manifesting itself. (she sez thankfully)

As you all know, I've done nothing but rave about the Tulane Medical Center. So, I went to see their Rheumatologist, Hugh McGrath. What a delightful man. He spent more time asking questions, prodding and bending me than both other doctors combined. Very thorough. Very likable.

He ordered some bloodwork and had me schedule a follow up visit in about 6 weeks.

We also met Dom's best buddy, Chris at the Shimmy Shack for lunch that day. No website. Great food and a fun place. I shall return.

Dom drank some beer over the weekend and paid for it dearly on Monday and Tuesday. He was a hurtin' little cowboy. Besides having a rotten stomach, he found that he had a rotten carport roof. Grumbled something about forgetting to replace flashing. So, he dealt with that all week.

Yesterday we had his now-monthly Zometa infusion. His bloodwork was good:

HCT: 31.5 ( a little low, but Doc is pleased)
WBC: 5.0
ANC: 3000

Other than the HCT, everything else was in the "normal range".

They upped his blood thinner slightly and told us to come back in a month. Music to our ears!

Stopped at WalMart on the way home for a soaker hose and a bunch of other stuff. We checked out separately at different registers. We got home to find that Dom had left his soaker hose on the check out carousel. He's heading back tomorrow to pick it up.

Nothing really planned for the weekend. I'm going to plant more bush beans and miracle gro.

We're watching the PCB weather carefully in hopes of returning to the beach next week. As of now, the water looks perfect!

We're also closely watching the oil spill in the Gulf. It looks as though Florida beaches are in the clear for now. I feel terrible for the Louisiana coast- its' fisherman and wildlife. Here's a great interactive map:

Dunno much else, gang. Hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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