Monday, May 24, 2010

Stingrays and Dolphins and Tootsie's Oh My!

Hi gang-

We spent much of last week in Panama City Beach. As we hoped, the weather was gorgeous- as was the water. Not a bit of seaweed or jellyfish. Just a helluva lotta STINGRAYS!

The locals all say that they've never seen anything like it. They're blaming it on the BP Oil Spill in LA.

These stingrays were a delight! Very docile creatures. They wanted nothing more than to share the beach with humans. When they'd see a swimmer, they'd avoid them. I swam after a group of them and they wanted nothing to do with me.

They'd run in huge packs, as well as small groups and loners. Big (6 ft. wingspans on some of the Black ones), and small (the huge packs of brown ones).

We also managed to enjoy alot of dolphin sightings. They seem so very playful. Very amusing to watch.

Spent alot of time at the beach. Water was a perfect 76 degrees. Nice and cool, but not cold. Bought some neato "rocking chair" floats.... inflatable. Alot of fun once you finally managed to get into it.

As usual, we ate well.

On Tuesday afternoon we ate at our resort. H2O. I had a great plate of fried grouper and french fries. Dom very much enjoyed his Cuban Sandwich. We both ate only half and took the rest home.

On Wednesday morning, we visited our favorite breakfast joint- The Waffle Shoppe. Great folks and excellent food. Had monster breakfasts.... eggs, bacon, toast, hash-browns. That did me in for the entire day. Dom finished up his Cuban Sandwich that night.

On Thursday, we walked over to Pineapple Willy's Dom ordered Buffalo Wings and I had the nachos. Very good..... and plenty! (His wings appeared to be on steroids!)

Friday was the highlight of our food experience. We drove over to Pier Park. Beautiful new outside "mall". Oodles of shops and restaurants. We ate outside at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge. The original is in Nashville. This is their only other location. We both ordered Cowboy Burgers. Bacon, chese and jalapenos with fries. OMG.... this was the best burger I've ever had in my life.... and probably the largest. We're guessing that it was 3/4 of a lb.

Every day we'd walk across the street to our favorite "local joint" for a couple of beers... a package store with a bar inside. Getting to know the locals and getting good gossip.

Soooooo.....'twas a very enjoyable week, but was happy to return to my 3 girls (Bonnie, Mimi and Jada) here at home..... and a couple hundred snow peas. Yikes! Made an excellent salad with them last night....snow peas, green beans (also out of the garden), celery, green onions and carrots.... served chilled with a raspberry vinaigrette and walnuts. Doing a stir fry tonite.

Dom is feeling well. Has no desire to return back to the beach anytime soon, though. *pouting* My birthday is coming up...June 7th. As they say in Bogalusa.... "That don't make him no nevermind". LOL Guess I'll get over it.

Hopefully attaching alot of pictures to this post. Have a great week everybody!

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Sandy Banks said...

What a lot of beautiful shots of the area... glad to see that the oil spill has not damaged those pristine beaches!

I was yearning for some warm weather and seeing pictures of water that is over 70 degrees was soothing!

Oh, and Happy Birthday next week!!