Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's Good to be Home!

Hi gang-

Spent a week in PCB... returned home on Monday. Dearest childhood best friend, Amy flew in on Wed. for 4 nights. The brand new airport is only 17 miles from the condo.... and tiny...with no traffic....heavenly!

We ate out for the most part. Whooped it up pretty well..... even managed to have security ringing our bell and banging on the door.... we were feeding seagulls... shrieking and screaming with delight... didn't know that there was a rule against it.... apparently, when over 100 seagulls go into a feeding frenzy, they crap all over the place. It took a few months and a visit from Amy to get "in trouble". LOL Go figure!!

The highlight of the visit was partying with a gang from Montgomery, Alabama. They were great fun and good company.

Water was decent Mon-Thurs, then turned to shit on Friday and Saturday. Much to my dismay, the water looked gorgeous on Monday morning. Just in time for me to go home. *pouting*

Anyway, had a grand time, and now it's back to reality.

Going to the closing on Dom's mother's home tomorrow. Then 3 weeks of Cancer stuff.... another round of all of his childhood immunizations, Aredia infusion, and a visit to his VA Oncologist who we really like...Ginger Rogers, MD. Yes- Ginger Rogers. *smiling*

Dom is beginning to plan a road trip up to visit his childhood best friend in Westlake, Ohio. Taking the Corvette. Nanette shall hold down the fort here. The guy needs some fun, so I'm all for it.

That's all that I know for now.... will finish by uploading some pics.


Sandy said...

I love the ocean shot with that rich pink color, almost like a huge plate of melted raspberry sherbet! Yum!

Anonymous said...

That tickles me, Sandy..... I was thinking of cotton candy. We might be kindred souls! *grinning* NAN