Friday, August 13, 2010

We're Back!!!!

Hey gang-

Have been "out of the loop" for quite some time. We spent about a week at the condo in PCB, then returned home last Saturday to find that our electricity had been knocked out since the prior Wed. Along with our telephone.

Coast Electric got out here immediately and restored our power. AT&T was a different situation entirely.... the quickest that we could get our phone service back was TODAY.... 6 days later! (Didn't matter that Dom retired from the phone company after working for them 30 years... nor did it matter that he is a Cancer patient). *sighing*

Anyway.... all is groovy here. Went to Tulane yesterday for his monthly Aredia infusion.... Dom weighed in at a whopping 188 pounds! My husband has "love handles" for the first time in his life! Good health, good eating and good loving!

We celebrated 2 birthdays recently.... His 1st Birthday, July 17th.... the anniversary of his Stem Cell Transplant. Then, his 65th Birthday on August 11th... quite the contrast, huh?

Going to attach a pic taken yesterday of Tropical Depression #5..... it truly looked sinister!

Happy Friday, gang.... it's good to be back!


Sandy said...

Those were dramatic pictures of the TD... hope it didn't cause additional problems with your electrical!

Anonymous said...

WOW neat pics!!! That's not your dock, is it? Looks like it could be but I see no pond....has it dried up COMPLETELY already? WOWZA. Jenn

Anonymous said...

Hi girls....

That was our pool deck.... the one that was wiped out during Katrina...decided it was too much of a hassle to get another one. Pretty much shot from carport looking North... guess it's been quite some time since you've been here, Jenna!