Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October Has Been a DELIGHT! Wonderful Health and Dear Friends!

Hello gang!

I'm happy to report that the month of October has been wonderful.  Much fun and great news on the health-front.

At the beginning of the month, girlfriend Wendy and I went to the condo for about a week.  We've been friends for 30+ years.  Circumstances caused us to drift apart for quite some time.  We both realized that it was time to reconnect.  Wowie Zowie.... did we ever!  

Had an absolute blast at the beach.  The water was COLD, the air temperature was in the low eighties.  Perfect for strolling on the beach, walking to restaurants and bars, and catching up on life.  I'm tickled that she was able to get away to play for a week.

Upon our return, it was time to head back to Tulane for Dom's monthly infusion of Zometa and complete blood work.  From the infusion room, we strolled down the hall for our first doctor appointment in 3 months.  They were absolutely delighted with Dom's numbers:

HCT:  35.4
WBC:  4.9
ANC:  2800

All of his other numbers were great, as well.  The ones that weren't in the "normal" range, were all close to normal, and moving in the desired direction, either up or down.  I'm telling you, gang.... he's like a "superstar patient" at Tulane!  They drew extra blood to check the Myeloma Proteins in his blood.  (M-SPIKE number).  Was hoping to hear the result earlier this week, but we got a phone call that they lost the vial of blood.

On Saturday, our friend Chris came over for the weekend.  Great fun ensued.  I played designated driver on Saturday.  The 3 of us first went to a great dingy dive bar in Bogalusa... "Crystal's Trip".  Hadn't been in there for many years.  It's nothing like the mellow L&C crowd.  A little bit of a rougher place.  Our bartender had a huge black eye from a huge brawl that had broken out the night before.  Got nailed with a pool cue.  Fun place!  LOL

Wendy met us there for a little over an hour.  She and Chris hadn't seen each other for probably 20 years.  We had a great time.

The 3 of us then ventured to our favorite Chinese joint for a late lunch/early dinner.  Chris and I both managed to eat our weight in boiled shrimp.  You can almost feel the *cringing vibes* from the management as we're refilling our plates full of beautiful big shrimp.  Yum!

Home then for my Crimson Tide game.  BAMA slippers?- CHECK!   BAMA beer huggy?- CHECK!  BAMA do-rag?- CHECK!  BAMA sweatshirt?- CHECK!   Roll Tide, Roll!!!!!!!!  And did they ever.  Geez, I have such a crush on Nick Sabin....  LOL

Sunday was much more low key.  The 3 of us ate Buffalo Wings and watched our Saints return to how they looked last season.  We could do no wrong.... other than our stupid kicker.  Time to get rid of the kid.

Finally, Dom and I headed back to Tulane yesterday.  We were parked, in and out in less than a half an hour.  Looking forward to cofirmation of COMPLETE REMISSION.

So, gang....  It doesn't get much better than this.  Life is good.  Dom is presently packing up his Corvette for tomorrow's road trip to Ohio for a couple of weeks.  It will do him a world of good to catch up with lifelong pals and get away from his nagging wife!

We love you guys!

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