Friday, November 5, 2010

Still COMPLETE REMISSION 15 months Post Transplant....and Dom's ROAD TRIP

Great News, gang....  Dominic's M PROTEIN was once again ZERO.  He remains in complete remission 15 months post Stem Cell Transplant!  We're absolutely tickled.

Haven't really posted anything, as there's nothing going on here.  I stayed home to man the fort (only left the house once in 14 days) while Dom took his Corvette up to Ohio for a couple of weeks.  He spent a couple nights with my bro in Cinci, then about a week on the West Side of Cleveland with his childhood best friend, John.  Then, off to my hometown of Newbury for a couple of nights with Amy and Kirk, finally heading back up North to Rock Creek to spend a night with another lifelong friend, Lor.

I really enjoyed the solitude, but am delighted that he's home, safe and sound.

Ran some errands today, then pigged out on Chinese.  Returned home, dragged the calendars out, made a couple of doctor appointments, and have the next couple of months figured out. Between the VA Hospital, Tulane Cancer Center appointments, a few specialists at Tulane Medical Center, monthly infusions, mail-order Thalidomide..... it takes alot of strategic scheduling.  It gets mind-boggling at times.....not to mention the Holidays, the Condo, Family and Friends.... whew!

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend of good football:


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Anonymous said...

Yay to zero! What a trip! :D