Monday, January 10, 2011

The Pied Piper

Well.... Dom was quite the hit with the kids.  They were absolutely in love with him... especially the girls.  We really couldn't figure it out, as Dom wasn't very expressive (??) with them..... didn't fuss like I did.... just kind of hung out.  I've determined that toddlers are like dogs... they can sense if someone is a "good person".  It was quite hysterical.

A couple of Brooke stories....  she was sitting in her grandad's lap.... Ric asked her "who loved her".  She answered "you, grandad".  Then he asked her who she loved.  She answered, "Uncle Dominic".

A few days later, I asked her, "Who's your favorite Aunt?".  She pointed across the room at him and said, "He Is!"

Lauren fell asleep in his arms on Christmas Eve.  Really cute.  Everytime that she'd call, Ric would answer his phone... "Hi Grandad!  Is Uncle Dom there?  I want to talk to him".  (Jennifer found her pretending to be talking to "Uncle Dominic" on the phone the other day.)

The last picture of Blake was taken as he was looking at Dominic, seemingly mesmerized.  Too funny!

Very cute.... but got a little old with Aunt Nan and Grandad after a week of it.  Our noses got a bit out of joint!

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