Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wendy and Nan at the Beach

Wendy and I just got back from the condo on Tuesday.  We took advantage of the 5 nights that she had off to blow out of town.

PCB is gearing up for Spring Break.  The local businesses have begun getting notifications of when the colleges have off and how many students TOTAL will be on vacation. They don't know how many of those students have chosen PCB as their destination yet.

But, as for now, the town is deserted other than "Snow Birds", many of whom are Canadian.

Wendy and I found ourselves BOWLING 3 days in a row.  Big fun.  We'd grab a beer, put on our bowling shoes, look at each other and say, "WE'RE BOWLERS!!!!!!".   Who'da thunk it?  Not us thirty years ago!

So, basically bounced between the bowling alley and our bar right across the street.  It's actually the Beach Package Store, but Donn turned it into a neat "local" hangout.  Delightful place and a delightful crowd.  Here's some pics:


Sandy said...

Your photos simply rock! Love looking at that water and that white, white sand... !

Anonymous said...

Stunning views and you appear to have had such a fun time, bowling, drinking cocktails from the shape of the glasses and accosting young men in bars - outstanding! ;D

Dom and Nan said...

Thanks, my friends.... Sandy is being so honorable.... myself, I prefer to gaze at the young hotties in the bars... did you check out the dude in the 2nd photo? OMG!