Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just a Quick Check-In

Our Tennessee Gals
Hi gang-  hope this note finds everyone healthy and happy.  Want to report that our patient is doing quite well....physically, anyway.

He's dealing with his nemesis-  anything connected with WATER.  This week it's our septic system.  Next week it'll be the pond, the hot tub, the hot water heater or the well.... the guy can't catch a break when it comes to water.  I told him that this is probably Karma.... he probably drowned someone in a past life, or something!

Anyway, it's been a busy couple of weeks.  We headed to the beach on the 16th.  Had a delightful time, as always.  Had a real taste sensation...... Walked over to  Los Rancheros  (our go-to Mexican joint).  Sat at a table in the bar and had our delightful Eduardo as our waiter.  Enjoyed 2/1 Margaritas to start.  As I was looking at the menu, Eduardo asked me if I had ever had Mole.  Nope.  I'd heard of it, but never tasted it. knocked me out!  Such complex flavors!  I'm going to start making it at home.  Chicken Mole rocks!  (So does Eduardo....he's very sweet about letting me catch up on my Spanish!)

Brian and Tina

Donn and Tina

Tina and Dom

Did our normal Hungry Howie's Pizza and Dee's Hangout while we were there.  Spent quality time with Donn and Tina, as well as the gals at Coyote Ugly!  Met some delightful gals from Tennessee who are now Facebook buddies..... they were a real kick in the ass.... look forward to their next visit to PCB!

Came home on Friday the 20th.  Wendy and her boyfriend of 16 years, Bubby, got married on Saturday.  We attended the reception for a couple of hours.  2 beers each and alot of hugging and kissing.

Which brings us to Tuesday.  I went in to see handsome Dr. Culasso with the sorest throat I've ever had....reminded me of having strep and swollen glands yearly as a kid.  Turns out there's a virus going around...  Gave me a shot of steroids in the hip, told me that I'd start feeling better, but it would get worse....  

Sure enough!  Woke up on Wed. morning feeling like a million bucks.  That lasted the day.  Presently feel like hell.  Coughing, spitting, blowing, sneezing.....  you get the picture.  Feeling a little bit better than yesterday, so perhaps it's running it's course.

So, we're just having a quiet Memorial Day Weekend.  I haven't left the house for groceries, so making do with what we have in the freezer.  Hope y'all have a delightful weekend!

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Sandy said...

Loved your photos, especially the break-in-the-clouds and sunset ones.... hope you are feeling better soon!