Saturday, June 4, 2011

June Already.... Where does the Time Go?

Hi gang-

3 words for today.... "HOT HOT HOT".  It's been absolutely brutal down here this past week.  One day, it was 105 degrees in the shade.

Other than extreme heat, things are going well.  Dom and I are still a little sick... having a hard time shaking this thing.

Had a pleasant Memorial Day.  Hadn't left the house to go grocery shopping so made do with some shrimp in the freezer.  Made shish-ka-bobs using stuff from the garden-  yellow squash, onions, banana peppers and grape tomatoes.  Yummy marinated in garlic, balsamic and pepper for about a half an hour.

Made a Frittata with left over angel hair pasta and stuff from the garden on Tuesday.

Finally got out of the house on Thursday.  My first pack of smokes in about 10 days.  (which was another reason that I stayed home all those days.... I KNEW that I'd buy a pack, so didn't tempt myself!)

Dom and I did some running around on Friday.  Went for a nice Mexican lunch at Yo Yo's.  Yummy stuff.

We were watching the Casey Anthony trial in bed this morning when a female deer strolled past our bedroom window... maybe 10 feet away.  Beautiful!  She then proceeded to our blueberry bushes about 20 feet further and feasted.  How cool is that?  WISH I had the time to take a photo....

Hopped out of bed late morning and harvested my garlic.  Dom's dear Ohio friend, Loreto, loaded him up with his garlic during Dom's October visit.  I planted it late Winter or Early Spring (can't remember, other than it was looking good in March).  Much to our delight, we now have 40 heads of garlic hanging on our screened-in porch!  They're exactly like Lor's were...  Four large cloves per head.  "Hardneck Garlic".  I'm too excited!  40 cloves turned into 40 heads!  Might just double it next year.
My first shot at garlic-  a success!

My Mimi.... has to be pushing 20 years old!

My "Princess" Jada with her leopard.

Jada on the roof

Brilliant back yard sunset

Our shrimp and garden veggie skewers

Leftovers made a nice Fritatta.... ham and veggies.  Added cheese later.

Have a great weekend, guys.... talk to you soon!


Sandy said...

Food shots leave me yearning for a 'barbie' here and the lush meats of the U.S. instead of the dubious beef we get in Colombia - but we have wonderful veggies!

I have been getting bits and pieces of the CA trial as my modem is quite slow but it is fascinating, nonetheless. I was living in FL when it all began... sad.

Intending that you and Dom are well on your way to recovery from the bug that nailed you by the time you read this - isn't a good sign that you are both recovering at the same rate instead of his taking so much longer?

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics. I so want the food as to the heat - well you can keep that - I'd pass right out! ;D