Friday, August 19, 2011

Dom's Birthday on the Beach

Had a wonderful two weeks at the condo.... Dom only stayed for 5 days, but had big fun.   Ate out alot, as well as spending quality time across the street with Donn, Tina and Steve. 

We spent one day driving East about 100 miles through Panama City, Mexico Beach and Port St. Joe.  Ended up on Cape San Blas....  very nice, but NOTHING around but beach houses.  No restaurants.  No stores.  No bars....  not our kind of place.

The next trip, we're going further East to check out St. Vincent and St. George Islands.

The water was at first murky, but pretty much cleared up a few days before I came home.  Crystal clear water with a thread of yuck....  Needless to say, I spent alot of time at the pool this visit.  Don't like that slimy "June Grass".... especially in August!

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Sandy said...

Wonderful pictures and great shots of you and Dom - best belated birthday wishes to him!