Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dom's Latest Project.... an Addition to the Game Room

Hi gang....

While I was floundering on the beach, Dom had some action over here.  He built our "game room" about 5 (?) years ago.  It was absolutely pristine.  Bar, pool table, foos-ball, dart board, beer lights, Zappa posters, stereo, television, the works.

And then, along came Multiple Myeloma.

During my cleaning frenzy of our home, in which we've lived for 20+ years, I turned the house upside down.  As you who are familiar with MM know, the house needed to be sparkling clean upon his return from his stem cell transplant.

Much of our home ended up in the "game room".

Then, along came his new Corvette.  Rag Top.... didn't want the cats anywhere near it.  

Rearranged the "game room" to fit the Corvette.

Then, his mother passed away.... more corruption in the "game room".

It's a vicious cycle, gang!   LOL.

So.... Dom got a contractor buddy going on a new garage/junk room.  We shall soon have our game room back in good condition!  He's adding on to the original building.  They're moving the overhead door into the new building.  

Contractor, Daniel, will be putting in windows and moving the door tomorrow.... has to wait for the gables (??) to be finished.

I'll be posting updates on this entry for those of you who are interested.  (Kinda boy-stuff, if you ask me).  The Dom is tickled, thus I am, too!  (By the way..... doesn't Dominic look great???!!!)

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Sandy said...

Dom does look terrific! I am curious as to how this new addition evolves, so keep on posting... and by the way is 'floundering on the beach" FL talk for flipping oneself over, side to side, for tanning/cooking purposes? LOL!