Friday, February 10, 2012

More Superbowl Sunday Fun

After feasting on Sushi, the boys played with their new toys.  They shot up about 8 boxes of shells.  Note the .357 MAG trenches the bullets created.

Ping gave all the boys haircuts..... that girl can do anything!  Like Chris said, "Wow!  Sushi and a Shave.  This is the life!".

Hung out in the game room, then ventured back into the kitchen for my homemade pizza and "make your own" Antipasto Salad bar.  Indulged in multiple bottles of champagne.....

Enjoyed the football game immensely.  We were all happy to see a New Orleans son, Eli Manning, perform so well with his Giants.

Note the trenches!

All in All, it was a SUPER FUN WEEKEND!

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