Monday, April 16, 2012

Amy, Kirk, Ursula and Elsa in PCB

Hi gang-

After our Christine flew back to Colorado, oldest and dearest childhood friend, Amy and her family drove in from Ohio for a couple of nights after their family vacation at Disney World.  (which sounded absolutely horrid....doubt that they'll return anytime soon.)

We hung out on the beach, at the bar across the street (daytime is OK for kids), ate at Dee's Hangout, and at a local Mexican joint.

The highlight of Kirk's visit was probably Dom and he ditching us gals and venturing into Coyote Ugly!

Hoping that they return soon for a longer visit!

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Sandy said...

You all look so healthy and TAN! I feel like a paleface because I just don't get a tan with the sun in S.A. like I do here in FL. Looks like you were all having a blast!