Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Whooping It Up in PCB

Patricia and I had a real blast.  Sadly, only took the camera out of the condo on one of our adventures.  Dinner at Los Rancheros with our Steve and Mary.  Steve is a daytime bartender at our joint across the street.  The little hottie in the booth with Patricia and I is Eguardo....  my favorite waiter.

Other nights, we hung out at Dee's Hangout and out Thai restaurant, Ketana.  Had big fun.

MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE RANCH...................

Here's a picture of one of Isaac's outer bands.

Dom suffered through 3 days of nonstop rain.  Almost 20 inches!  (Our pond is very happy, anyway).

He only lost power for about 6 hours.  Not a problem....had the generator cranked up.  Friends in Metairie just got their power back yesterday!

Yeah..... Patty and I had a fun hurricane party.  Dominic, not so much.

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