Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another busy couple of days-

TODAY, Tuesday 9/30:

Headed to Covington to fight a traffic ticket. A St.Tammany Sheriff's Deputy ticketed Dom for driving on the shoulder while traffic was at a dead stop, as he pulled into a gas station. (passing 3 or 4 cars in the process).

"You can't get away with that around here, boy", said the little snot-face when he saw Dom's Mississippi plates.

When Dominic got home, he made a call to find that the fine for "driving in an emergency lane" was going to be a whopping total of $218!!!!!

So, off we went for our court appearance. We'd been advised to find an assistant DA, cut a deal, blah, blah, blah.

Ummmmmm- nope. The place was a flippin' madhouse. We weren't going to be able to talk to ANYBODY, much less an ADA.

Nanette was then informed that she could not enter the courtroom dressed in shorts. Get this.....I looked stunning with very conservative striped white and black silk shorts, a silk black blouse with big white buttons. A really sharp ensemble.

Meanwhile, I'm surrounded by gangstas with their torn jeans half way down their arses, their CHEE WEE haircuts sticking out at bizarre angles, skull t-shirts, but nevermind..... Nanette was dressed inappropriately. *sighing*

So, poor Dom entered the courtroom on his own.... for several hours.

I peeked in through the courtroom window when I wasn't hanging with a new smoking buddy. He was a lovely, charming, soft-spoken man.... as he fed me cigarettes, he told me that he was waiting for his attorney.... he'd gotten into a fist fight with a state cop. *cringing* They were both in "bad moods", it appears. *grinning* One cannot always count on first impressions, ehh?

When all was said and done, the judge knocked twenty bucks off of the fine and is keeping it from our insurance company. In Louisiana, you can pull this off once every 5 years for moving violations. So, I guess it was worth the trip across the state line.

MONDAY, Sept. 29th:

We were introduced into the Veteran's Administration machine via the Biloxi VA Hospital. Very impressive. Liked our doctor.... Nigerian. A little difficult to understand, but very pleasant and helpful. It appears that the VA will be supplying Dom with almost all of his "regular" meds, as well as each Cancer med.

We need to see a VA Oncologist soon for the Thalidomide prescription. This guy can't prescribe it by law..... super regulated.

They did some bloodwork, and we were out of there in no time.

We hadn't been along the Biloxi Gulf Coast since Katrina. Oh, my God. It was "gone". All of our restaurants, most of the casinos..... everything has moved or been rebuilt North of I-10 because of storm surge.

Apparently the VA HOSPITAL was wiped out, because they're now in temporary buildings.

Stopped at Ruby Tuesday for a burger and headed home to the critters.
Yet another productive couple of days. Geez, how I want to SLEEP IN!!!!!!!!

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