Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday Mass

We went to church yesterday.

I've NEVER been to a mass...... in fact, as
a little girl, mom had to bribe me with a shopping trip for a new toy
after attending Catechism. (For my father's benefit- she couldn't
have cared less). The bribes lasted for about 3 weeks. I finally
announced that I "hated the nuns" and the toys weren't worth it. I was a Catechism drop-out.

So, we showed up at 10:30 mass. Honestly, I was a bit
intimidated. Was wondering if I'd get the "Eureka" moment....
"Wow! This is what I've been missing all of my life".


I enjoyed the "ritualistic" aspect of the service, but that was about
it. *sighing*

We'd been threatening to go to a Catholic church for about 10 years.
Dom's cancer was our catalyst. He announced on Friday that we were
going. Figured "what the hell".

Dom said that he feels a little better already. That's what matters.

Wait until he finds out that he has to buy me bribes every week! *grinning*

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