Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So far, So good-

Well, things are rolling right along, gang.

Monday, Dom got the ball rolling with the VA. A wonderful gal in our county, Cindy, has been most helpful with administrative stuff.

She called yesterday to say that Dom has an appointment at the VA Hospital in Biloxi. We've driven by many, many times. Lovely location, hoping the experience is a good one.

Dom's dear childhood friend, "Tom in Alaska" has been pushing him for YEARS to "get into the system". It appears that he's in, and will be getting a bit of compensation, as the VA acknowledges this to be AGENT ORANGE RELATED. (THANKS, TOM..... we love you, man!) *smiling*

Dominic also started his new medications on Monday. So far, OK. Neither of us slept last night...dunno if it was Dom's steroids, my fretting, or a combination of the both. (likely) He had a minor cut on his hand yesterday, and bled like crazy.... the Coumadin is apparently doing its' stuff.
Off to Tulane Hospital tomorrow for a CT SCAN of his ribcage. Still feeling some discomfort, so glad we're dealing with it. Then, across the walkway to the Cancer Center for more bloodwork....they need to check how the Coumadin is working- will probably be modified off and on, until they get it right.
Then, off to Metairie to look at Corvettes. *smiling*

Will close down for now. Got plenty of stuff to do for DAYS, but won't bore you all at once.

Dominic is feeling well. Positive. A little sleepy today, but might just be from his lack of sleep and not the Thalidomide.


K*Funk said...

Hi Nan and Dom,
I am a friend of Christine's (I met you guys at the wedding a couple yrs ago but I don't know if you remember me!) and I just wanted to let you know that I am following your blog! And I love your way of relaying all the information- including all the dialogue. It's a great writing style. Thanks for sharing your story and please know that Dom is in all of our thoughts and prayers.

Dom and Nan said...

Thank you so much, k*funk!

Neat moniker- I don't remember you by that name, but my Christine will be here in less than 2 weeks.

Though not religious, (YET????), am loving your thoughts and prayers, honey.

Stay funky. *smiling*