Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dom is Safe and Sound at Tulane

Hi gang-

Just a quick note. We spent the day at Tulane. They surgically put a "central line" in his chest. He's now resting comfortably in the Bone Marrow Unit.

They would not allow me to spend the night, so I'm 11 miles away at dear friend, Linda's house for the night.

When I got here, I called to check in with him. They were starting his first dose of Chemotherapy..... apparently 3 hour drips four times. Also a 24 hour drip that protects his kidneys (???) bladder(???) from bleeding. This is all so overwhelming.... I should have been taking notes.


Room 6222 Direct Line to his phone: (504) 988-2215 I'm certain that he'd love to hear from you guys. Will be in there until Thursday.

Once again, Tulane Medical Center KNOCKED US OUT. Geez, these people are great. (Almost TOO thorough!) His nurse/assistant, Teresa and Bao are out of this world.

Not being familiar with chemo, I asked them when side effects would/could possibly kick in. They said that everyone is different.

Will get an early start and spend the day with my love tomorrow. Sipping on a cold beer that tastes AB FAB! Love to all of you.


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Christine said...

Thanks for taking such good care of my daddy! :)