Sunday, May 3, 2009

We Had a Good Week

Chris came over last Saturday morning.  We hired a driver to take the 3 of us to the L&C for the day.  Dear friend, Richard McM works there on Saturday.  The usual suspects were there, and we all had a grand time.  Chris might have found "the one".  :)

Our only medical day was Thursday.  Dom had his 2 hour Aredia Infusion.  Thankfully, it didn't wipe him out, as it normally does.  He sprang out of bed by noon on Friday!

Got the good phone call from Culasso's gal on Friday.... full speed ahead.  Now the ball's in Tulane's court.

Yesterday, Saturday, Dom and I did some running around in Bogalusa.  Stopped at the bar for 2 beers.  Decided that I liked "Pioneer of the Nile" in the Derby.  Didn't the bugger come in 2nd place!  What a race!

Happy Hour buddy, Skeet, turns 60 next Saturday.  We're having him over for a "FIESTA" on Sunday..... guacomole, salsa/chips, black beans, chicken-cheese-onion enchiladas, mexican eggrolls, and perhaps some flan.

Have a great week, my friends/family!  We love you.  Keep up the good vibes/ seems to be working! 

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