Friday, May 29, 2009

Today Friday- Leukine Delivery and Home Health

We're waiting for Federal Express to deliver the LEUKINE.  When that happens (prior to 4:30 pm), I'm to call Camillia Home Healthcare in Picayune, MS.  They'll send a gal out to coach me again on the injection, and possibly set up some type of schedule to flush out his line.

Today has been a busy day of making calls and trying to get organized.

On Monday morning, we're heading back to Tulane Cancer Center for blood work.  They're going to see how his stem cells are behaving.  If they're at the right "cycle" (they'll ebb and flow in number), they'll collect them.  If not, we'll have to return on Tuesday or Wednesday.


Jennifer said...

I'm finally caught up on your blog and to be honest, I'm overwhelmed -(as if you AREN'T, right?)Much love from Ohio.

JANIE said...

Hang in there guys. Sorry we missed the opportunity to call:( I hope Dom is feeling okay.
Are we allowed to send things, or is that questionable due to the fragile immune system?
Sending our love,
Janie and family