Friday, June 5, 2009

BINGO! The Stem Cell Collection has Started!

Hi guys!

We spent hours and hours at Tulane today.   8am until 6:30 pm.  It was an emotional roller coaster of "Yes"....then "NO"....then "Maybe".... then "NOW".

They hooked Dom onto the super-machine for about 3 hours today....  heading back for 8am tomorrow morning.  (Christ!  Yet ANOTHER 5:45 am morning)

Figuring he'll be hooked up for at least 8 hours tomorrow.

Christine is here..... didn't get home today until after 8pm.  She's sticking around.  We're spending the night in Metairie, as we're sick of driving, and there's a possibility that we'll have to return to Tulane on Sunday (my 49th birthday) to finish the collection.

Alot of stuff happened today, which I'll catch you up on.... but.... FINALLY it's happening!  Have a groovy weekend, friends and family.  We love you.

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