Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Home Health, Christine, Radiation Consultation and Bloodwork Tomorrow

Hi gang...

Things are rolling along here.  We're starting to feel quite organized, and not as overwhelmed as in the past.

Heading back for bloodwork in the morning.  Would LOVE to be able to have them collect tomorrow-  If not, probably back in on Friday.  I'm getting really good at sticking him with the Leukine needle!

A sweet Home Health nurse was here earlier.  Insisted on shaving Dom's chest before re-dressing the wound.  Nice, nice kid.

Christine is flying in on THURSDAY for 3 weeks.  Yeah!  It'll be great fun to see her, and she'll be a great help with her 95 year old grandma in Slidell.  Christine, if you're reading this, I've got our martini mixings ready, honey-girl!

Just hung up the phone with the Cancer Center.  Dr. Elnaggar http://www.som.tulane.edu/cancer/cores/tcceupdate2.1.08.htmwants to meet with him NEXT Thursday for a "radiation consultation".  Apparently, she's going to be his radiation doctor.  Honestly, Tulane seems to really have their shit together..... like a well oiled machine.  I'm happy that we ended up there.

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