Friday, June 12, 2009

Today, Friday- Home Health and a Smiling Patient

One of our Home Health Nurses came over today to administer the antibiotic.  She taught me how to do it.  Tomorrow's nurse is going to supervise while I do the deed.  Tulane wants us to "save" Home Health visits for "emergencies"....  I'm feeling like quite the nurse these days!  Just call me "Nurse Nan".  Hell, at this rate, I'll be "Doctor Nan" in no time at all!

Dominic has been smiling all day.  First time for days.  His shoulder is still killing him from the Central Line screw up, and will be getting Home Health physical therapy for it.... tore up his muscle tissue or something.... very little mobility without pain.

So..... all seems well for now!  Have a delightful weekend, gang!


Clark Peacock said...

"Doctor. Nan",
Wash your hands. As a retired nursing instructor, that is the most important thing I teach a nurse or... Dr.
Make sure your home health nurse washes her/his hands.
It's basic but so important.
I wish you and Dom well.
Frank Speyerer, RN

JANIE said...

Hey Nan and Dom, we just got back from out of town. Just checking up on Dom's status and how your holding up. Letting you know were still thinking of you.
Janie, Joe, and kids:)

K*Funk said...

Hi Nan, thanks for all the updates. I am happy to hear things are on the up & up and appreciate all the info on your blog. I just wanted to check in. Sending everyone love and please tell Christine hello!