Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dom's Doing OK....

Dom is looking and feeling pretty good. As his hair is returning, he has refused to shave off his beard. "Maybe in a few weeks". *lol*

He spent much of last week in Poplarville, doing boy stuff. He can't WAIT to get out of this apartment!

He came home Saturday and met the boys at a big car show at Elmwood. Biggest turnout yet...over 500 cars! They had a good time.

On Sunday, he picked Chris up and they went to a gun show. Obama has certainly been good for gun and ammo sales!

We watched the Saints make an amazing comeback to beat Miami on Sunday afternoon. We are now 6-0. Unreal!!!!!

Yesterday and today have been lazy days for us. Off to our movie tomorrow and his doctor on Thursday. They're FINALLY going to do blood work to confirm that he's in remission. We won't know for about a week.

Dunno much else, gang.

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