Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Pretty Pleasant Week, Thusfar-

We had alot of fun with Chris on Saturday... watched football and drank martinis.....

Sunday was another day of great football and food. Nibbled on Onion Sausage stuffed Jalapenos wrapped in bacon during the game. Made some Baby Back Ribs for dinner. Our wonderful Saints are now 4-0!!! We've got a bi week, and I'm already suffering from withdrawal. Playing Eli Manning and his Jets next weekend. Gonna be a doozy!

Monday, Dom had a doctor's appointment at the VA in Biloxi. Just his annual check up with his GP in order to get free meds. Very nice guy.... Dr. Olarinde. African. Difficult to understand, but very friendly and seems to actually care about Dom's progress. I was amazed at how smoothly their operation runs over there. Doc took us early, ordered meds, and 40 minutes later we were outta there with our bag of goodies.

Today we headed for a showing of "I Hope They Have Beer in Hell". Reviews said that it was "sidesplitting hysterical".... it wasn't. It was amusing. The only scene that caused us to laugh aloud was when one of the characters shit his pants all over a hotel lobby. Guess that makes us kind of "juvenile", huh? Anyway, it was only five bucks, and Wed. is FREE POPCORN.

Afterwards, we headed to the Rivershack for Fried Mushrooms and Onion Rings. We'll be eating them for days.

Heading to stupid Poplarville tomorrow for the night. My weekly love-in with the kitties and sort through a week's worth of mail.

Headed to Chackbay on Saturday with Beth and Henry for the LA Gumbo Fest.

Beth wants to check out an old church and cemetery, too. Looking forward to it.

In closing, let me post a recent photo of Dom's hair. He's SO HAPPY it's growing again. In fact, he's got a full beard that I'm begging him to shave..... maybe next week!

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