Friday, October 23, 2009

A Super BUSY Week!

Hi gang. Thought I'd do a quick update. Dom is presently in stupid Poplarville. He's been there since Wednesday. And he's loving every moment of it. He feels pretty good, although gets tired easily. Amusing himself by doing yard work, etc. He'll be home on Saturday after going to a big car show with Dennis P.

I was super busy all week.

Carmella called me on Monday with an invitation to hit the Treasure Chest Casino. We played alot of slots, spent quite awhile at the video poker bar drinking beer, and had a good time. Lost money, as expected. But, a good time, anyway!

Lovely Linda is in town for the birth of Paul's 3rd grandchild. They picked me up on Tues night and we headed to the Port of Call. Her son Bryson and his cutie girlfriend met us there.

Ate a monster mushroom cheese burger and baked potato. Enjoyed one of their rum drinks, a Monsoon. Good stuff- food, drink and company.

Afterwards, Paul, Lin and I walked over to Harry's Corner. This has turned into one of my favorite local joints in the Quarter. Alot of bartenders hang out here. Same basic crowd as Johnny White's on St. Peter.

We had a couple drinks, then took off. Home at midnight. That's LATE for this old broad, gang!

Dom took off early on Wednesday. I took off to see "PARANORMAL ACTIVITY" at Elmwood- by myself. The groovy bachelorette couldn't find anybody to play with!!! This was one of the best scary movies I've seen in years. I consider myself a Horror Movie Aficionado. If you enjoyed Blair Witch Project, you're gonna love this one!

Had my free popcorn and a frozen white russian. What a fun way to watch a movie, huh?

Thursday, met Rae for lunch at the Cajun Bar and Grill. Had an incredible dressed roast beef po-boy. The joint is a little hole in the wall with outstanding food. Probably 3/4 mile away from here. I walked for some exercise. Might have burned-off a bite or two of the decadent sloppy sandwich. Outstanding food there. Here's a link to a local food critic's forum. I can't stand the man, but happy that owner Lynn is getting so much publicity!

Rolled out of bed at 10-ish today. Made a quick trip to Rouse's for ingredients for Trout Amandine (trout a gift from Beth) and above food critic's recipe for a potato au gratin made with Swiss and Parmesan cheeses... whipping cream.... sounds ab-fab! Making it on Sunday. Saints aren't playing until 3pm. We're 5-0 and a 6 point favorite against Miami. Unreal!!!!

Henry is picking me up at 7:30 for a road trip with Beth tomorrow. Heading to Brusly, LA (across the river from Baton Rouge), then taking River Road all the way home. Will take lots of pictures.

Have a pleasant weekend, gang!

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