Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day

We celebrated Christmas at Jen's. She had a full house- Ric and I, Jill, Tony and their two, her father in law, her stepson, and her gang. Fun, fun, fun!

She had quite the spread.... food as far as the eye could see.... dips, chips, cheeses, fruits, everything that you could imagine. Alan (FIL) brought over fudge and a couple of pies.....By the time the ham came out of the oven, I was stuffed. (Christ, I'm getting fat during this vacation!)

The four children were amazingly well behaved. No screaming, crying, hitting.... Aunt Nan was very pleased, as she was told by the girls to expect fireworks when the 4 cousins all got together.

Please note who received the biggest present!!!!!! *smiling*

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