Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Having too much fun here!

Hi gang....

Ric and I are having a grand time.

On Sunday afternoon, we went to THE BRAZENHEAD IRISH PUB. http://www.thebrazenhead.com/index.php What a neat, neat place. I'd been to the original in Dublin last summer, so it was like "coming home again". We each had a couple of pints of Guinness, all you can eat Fish and Chips (beer battered), and for dessert, we each had a couple of Bailey's and Jameson's on the rocks. Woo Hoo!

Ric had to spend a full day at work on Monday. We had a local pizza delivered.... Donato's Pizza. http://www.donatos.com/ Apparently it's a chain, but I'd never seen one anywhere other than Cinci. GOOD STUFF. Really enjoyed it.

Everybody seems to be getting sick around here. It started with Jennifer and her kids.... Ric started with a sore throat last night, and woke up feeling like hell. As the day went on, he seemed to get better.... all upper respiratory crap. Glad it hasn't hit me YET. Being a smoker, I tend to be rather susceptible to that stuff.

Jen was going to have us over for dinner tonite, but we blew it off. After we slept in this morning, we headed to THE PARTY SOURCE in Newport, KY.... right across the river. Oh My Gawd! Picture a Super WalMart with nothing but booze, wine and beer. Ric and I were like a couple of kids in a candy store! LOL.... http://www.thepartysource.com/

Headed back to Ohio, stopped by Krogers, and am presently sipping on a beer waiting for the Dish Network guy to show up. Later, Ric and I are going to have a bite at TGIF's. They all closed up in the New Orleans area..... I used to love the joint. Happy he has one right down the road.

That's the scoop here.

All is fine in Metairie. Dom is doing "OK". Much better today. He went to a gun show with Chris over the weekend, got dizzy and had to sit down a couple of times. Dunno what's going on, but he feels much better today.

Christine and her boyfriend Gene flew in yesterday afternoon. Dom took 'em to the Rivershack for dinner. Man, I'm gonna miss that joint!

Today, they packed boxes and are heading to Poplarville with a load tomorrow. I'm glad that Christine's in town for her dad.

Will check in soon. Love to all of you and Merry Christmas!

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