Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dom is doing well, gang....

Hi guys-

Not too much to report on the health-front. Basically just good stuff.

Had an appointment with Dr. Safah last Thursday. She looked at his recent CBC numbers and swept into our examining room with a big smile and said, "You're doing great!". (What a nice thing to hear from your cancer doctor!)

He's gained 4 pounds. She was happy about that.

His stomach is SLOWLY getting better..... on Superbowl Sunday, he decided that he was going to "drink beer" for the first time in over 6 months. He ended up sipping on 5 of them throughout the day/evening. Sunday was the first time that they actually TASTED GOOD! By the time he went to bed, his stomach felt like hell. Wasn't certain if it was the beer or all of the spicy Mexican appetizers that I served all day. We're guessing it's a combination of the two.

So, he's cooling it. We're staying home on Tuesday, Mardi Gras day. I'm guessing that he'll try a couple of beers then.

We've enjoyed this week. First time in months (???) that we didn't have to take a trip into New Orleans. He developed some type of rash on Monday, but decided against calling Tulane.... it seems to be clearing up with his leftover Shingles ointment. Looks a little like shingles, but not terribly painful.... upper inner area of all four limbs. Guess we'll find out NEXT Thursday when we venture back in for his infusion.

Going to venture out on Saturday for a couple of good steaks for Valentine's Day. We've got a great little meat market about 20 miles from here.

It's been sleeting all day here. Temps are dropping, and we're expecting to wake up to maybe 4 inches of snow. Glad we don't have to go anywhere..... these people can NOT drive on snow or ice..... A dusting of snow turns into a freak-out resembling "bumper cars" on the I-10. Been there, done that... NO MO!

Love y'all....

Nan and Dom

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