Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dom is stronger everyday.... really!

Hi gang-

Time for another Dominic post.... *smiling*

He's doing quite well. Laying in bed this morning, we talked about the fact that he hasn't had a weak moment or dizzy spell for quite some time. Weeks (??). His stomach is great.... he can tell that it's healing. Taste buds are back in full swing. Not only is he enjoying the occasional beer, but drinking 7-Up and loving it. (After the Stem Cell Transplant, carbonated beverages tasted like hell to him. It wasn't a matter of stomach discomfort as it was a matter of a funny taste with anything carbonated). Our neighbor came back on Sunday and commented that Dom had "gotten his color back". We knew that, but it's so nice to hear positive observations.

Our delight in taking a week off of blood work recently ended with disappointment. Tulane was surprised to see his blood TOO THIN after weeks of consistency. Dom's been a steady 1.5 for a couple of months...just where Dr. Safah wants him to be. We skipped a week, went in last Thursday, and he was a 3.4. It took his blood over 30 minutes to coagulate. They cut him way back on his Coumadin.

Dom decided not to bust open the brand new chainsaw that he bought earlier in the week. LOL.... true story. Could have been disastrous. *sighing*

Dr. Safah and her assistant, Tori (who has pretty much taken over for my "boyfriend" John Rink who moved to the Prostate Cancer group) took a quick look at Dom's rash. No big deal. Just some kind of funky "fungal" thing. Origin unknown. Over the counter wash and ointment. It's healing nicely.

Honestly.... ANYTHING that happens, both of us blame the Multiple Myeloma. It's something that we should be getting used to by now. Anyway, no big deal.

Heading back into town for just bloodwork tomorrow..... they can just take it and call us back to advise coumadin dosage after they get the results. It's still a long day, though... probably about 150 miles roundtrip. Makes me miss living in Metairie only 7 or 8 miles away!

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