Friday, February 19, 2010

Saints Victory Parade

In the 27 years that I've lived here, I've NEVER seen New Orleans so happy. Our Saints have really turned this city around. Nothing but smiles, laughs and "Who Dats".... even at the Tulane Cancer Center, which can be rather depressing at times.

On the Tuesday after Super Bowl, the major Carnival krewes loaned the Saints their floats for a victory parade. Much to my delight, Lovely Linda was in town. She called and suggested that the 2 of us attend and I spend the night with her in Metairie.

Drove in on Tuesday morning. We stopped at Oscars for a drink and Oscarletta. (Muffaletta on French). Then, made our way into the city shortly before 3pm.

Just as we were looking for a place to park, the New Orleans Mission opened up their lot- $20 per car....proceeds going to the Mission. Great cause and only 2 blocks from where we were headed. The first of MANY "feel good" moments that day.

A Private Investigation firm that Linda worked closely with had set up a party on Howard Ave at the Catholic Charities building. Access to bathrooms, beer, booze, wine, Cane's chicken tenders.... outstanding! Great location. In between the Superdome and Lee Circle.

The parade was magnificent. We were only 3 people back from the barricades. Our area was only about 10-deep. Other areas downtown were actually 50 people deep! The highlight of the evening for me is when Sean Payton's float stopped directly in front of our area for almost 20 minutes. I actually made eye contact with the man.... got some beads, too! He was kissing the Lombardi Trophy and blowing kisses to the crowd. (Caught one of those, too!!!! What a cutie!).

It was truly a magical night. Estimates have the crowd at 800,000+ people. The biggest crowd EVER in NOLA... for ANY event, Mardi Gras included. I'm so happy that I was part of this!

On the way home (Thanks for your hospitality, Renee and Jeff!) we stopped for drinks and munchies at the Chateau Bar. They were replaying the Super Bowl. Christ.... you'd have though it was live with all of the cheering going on. Too much fun!

As I type this on Feb 19th, the city is still in a state of elation. I'm loving every moment of it. The Who Dat Nation is loud and proud!

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