Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello there, gang....

Hope that this posting finds everyone well. Our patient felt "off" the last couple of days. His stomach was feeling funny and he felt a little light-headed. Today he's feeling great. Go figure!

Easter Sunday was very pleasant here. As neither of us got to eat a turkey over Christmas, we decided to do one for Easter dinner..... Martha Stewart style- covered in cheesecloth and basted with melted butter and white wine. We've been doing them like that for over 10 years now. Love it. And talk about a decadent gravy!
Also made my niece Jennifer's corn souffle, balsamic brussels sprouts, lima beans and a cornbread/black cherry/sausage/walnut stuffing. Oh yeah... for breakfast we had our annual creamed hard-boiled eggs and asparagus over English Muffins. (Too fattening and decadent to have more often than Easter Sunday mornings!) So..... can you tell that Dominic's appetite has come back? And that food is a big part of our lives? *grinning*

We had a very fun surprise on Tuesday. Dom's cousin, Joe, (who I dearly love) stopped over with his wife-to-be, Ping. She's a Chinese gal. They were able to obtain a 3 month marriage visa for her after much red tape.
She flew into LA about 10 days ago. Joe drove out there to pick her up, then toured on the way home....Vegas, Grand Canyon, Frisco, San Antonio, New Orleans. Ping was overwhelmed.... had never been out of China and barely speaks English. The main reason for their visit here is that she wanted to shoot a gun for the first time in her life. Dom let her shoot a .22 She hit the target! Joe posed her with the gun underneath our American Flag. She's going to send the pic to China. Hope it doesn't cause an international incident! (Should have put a cigarette in her mouth and a bottle of bourbon in her other hand!)

As you can see from the pictures, this is a lovely time of year in the Deep South. My Wisterias are exploding, as our blueberry bushes, tongue oil trees and dogwoods. Love this weather. Love you guys!

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