Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Traditional Chinese Dinner

On our way to Panama City Beach last week, we stopped in Pensacola to spend the night with Joe and his fiancée, Ping.

She cooked us a traditional Chinese meal. It was as tasty as it was eye-catching. We each had a separate bowl of rice, used chopsticks and just reached across the table to grab a bite. She had a whole fish with ginger, brocolli, green beans, chicken and mushrooms, bok choy, celery and carrots, and cold beer.

Pretty neat. Alot of work for her and greatly appreciated.

After dinner, we were joined by Joe's sister, Sherry. The 5 of us went into town to have a beer at an Irish joint, then a couple drinks at the Seville Quarters courtyard, and ended up at a FUN local joint about a mile from Joe's house. Guess where we'll be walking during our next visit?

Anyway, wanted to share some pics...

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Anonymous said...

That girl sure can cook! -Beth