Friday, April 2, 2010

Some GREAT Numbers Yesterday!

Ahhhh.... Good Friday. It IS a good Friday for us!

Dom had his infusion of Zometa at Tulane yesterday. I asked them for a print out of his CBC numbers.

THESE ARE HIS NUMBERS FROM YESTERDAY.... more than 8 Months after Transplant:

HCT: 32.5 (LOW)
ANC: 2,900 (NORMAL)
Platelets: 164 (NORMAL)

I told the nurse that I was a bit concerned about his HCT levels being "low". Much to our delight, she said, "Are you kidding??? 32.5 is WONDERFUL for one of Dr. Safah's patients! This is great!".

(I'm assuming that she means a MM victim post Stem Cell Transplant). Anyway, this was music to our ears. Things just keep getting better and better here.

Have a delightful Easter, friends and family!


Nan and Dom

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